I ♥ love ♥ my new shaving soap from Miranda Rommel at Nude Soap. It's a wonderful match with my everywhere cream (also by Nude Soap). #LegsSoSoft
Amanda, Corvallis, Oregon
Ask anybody - I hate lotions, creams, all that stuff. But then I found Nude Soap's "Everywhere Cream!" I am converted, I am a believer, my skin is SO HAPPY!!
Timothy G., Eugene - Oregon
I am so in love with your hemp soap and everywhere crème! My skin is improving! It feels so soft and the everywhere crème smells so dreamy! I am addicted! I want to shout out to the world that everyone should use your products!
Thanks Miranda!
Denise, Albany, Oregon
I have refused to use bar soap of any kind on my face for over 20 yrs because everything I tried left me with dry, tight skin that felt like it would crack if I smiled and left a noticeable residue. Nude Soap's lemongrass calendula cleans without tightening, leaves no residue and has (bonus) reduced the size of my pores! Awesome!
Emily, Appleton - Wisconsin
Nude Soap is wonderfully soothing on my sensitive skin. With only a delightful hint of scent from the natural oils and no artificial ingredients, it's pure and gentle luxury. Love the name, too!
Janice, Philomath - Oregon
I’ve finally been able to use all three of the soaps I ordered, and oh my goodness, I am in love!! Used the shaving soap for the first time today, and it works so well!! I have fairly sensitive skin, but there was no irritation whatsoever! My legs feel so smooth and so soft!
I’m a sucker for all things lavender, so the lavender and oat shea soap is exactly what I prefer! I love the smell and the way my skin feels after I use it!
And the felted soap!! I had never even *heard* of felted soap, and I am so glad that you introduced me to it!! The lather that it builds up, and the nice scrubby feeling of the felt is awesome! I’m totally hooked. My skin is so so happy!
Debbie, Portland - Oregon
I LOVE MY SOAP! I use the lemongrass on my face and it feels so soft! :) thank you!
Chrissie, Austin - Texas
By the way, your Everything Cream works great, and I discovered that it even relieves that silly chronically itchy spot on my shoulder blade.
Janice, Kings Valley, Oregon