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Does your dog have itchy skin? Would you like to see his coat gleam? Grab a bar of Sham-pooch, the natural Shampoo for pooches! Sham-pooch gets whites whiter, fur softer and skin less itchy!

This gentle blend of vegetable oils is great for most dogs' skin and fur and has been infused and scented with essential oils and herbs chosen for their flea, tick and mosquito repelling attributes. This shampoo has lots of lather, which makes sudsing up your dog easy (relatively) and by skipping the bottle you'll no longer be terrifying your dog by wielding a foreign object near its face while you struggle to balance and get him wet and sudsy without drenching yourself. Your dog may wish she still smells like dead thing, but you'll both enjoy her shiny, clean fur and itch-free skin. This soap is scented with essential oils chosen for their flea/tick/mosquito repelling attributes, and includes pennyroyal infused oils to further repel fleas.   * Please continue to use natural flea preventatives in conjunction with this shampoo and check your dog's coat often.

Sham-pooch now comes in two blends: original and one for itchy skin. Our original blend smells extra citrusy and our itchy skin blend includes neem oil, ground oats and lavender to help calm your dog's skin and soften their fur even more!

  • Ingredients: Saponified premium oils: coconut, palm, castor and pennyroyal infused olive oil pomace, distilled/rain water, essential oils ( may include citronella, cedarwood, lemongrass, lavender and peppermint. Sham-pooch for itchy skin includes finely ground oats.
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